Here's the truth

Creation Story

Two opposing theories: God, The Big Bang.
Two paths diverge in the wood. Or, Mr. Frost,
does one path lead to another?

Let’s pretend God is real. The Almighty’s
Pronouns are he/him. God is what
The Big Bang Theory calls “Singularity,” defined
By infinite density, extreme heat. Said density?
God’s first boner. Said heat? His arousal.
The explosion? Our young lord’s
First wet dream, a dream of light.
Then bang! Celestial cum erupting like a firework.
Ashes careen through space, hardening
Into planets.

Any time a believer proclaims “He has risen!”
They’re right and wrong: Jesus has
No lines in this story, but God’s sure
Got a stiffy! And when they anticipate
“He is coming!” They’re right, but it’s G. again,
Rubbing one out.

The Almighty
Is insatiable, pushing the stars across the
Darkness (next time you wish
Upon a shooting star, know you’re casting it
On your creator’s porn) into perverted
Constellations. Of course the universe is expanding!

If Man created the universe, life,
The milky way, is man more powerful
Than woman? In this theory, I propose that death
Is labor (contractions, incontinence,
the cool cloth, dabbing) in reverse.
It’s your return trip to the womb–to safety and warmth
And freedom from consciousness. Gone
with the existential angst, the loneliness, the many
losses–big and small. Death: the ultimate act
of women’s liberation. So the question becomes:
would rather be the escape
Or the conception?

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